Laurin 26


The Laurin 26 was initiated by a wish to "reproduce" the 26 ft. Laurin Koster - "Elisabeth II" - in Fiberglass.
Kenneth Back reworked the original drawings. The changes entailed: Widening the aft and creating more space below by increasing the cabin hight and a change of the rigging:

During this work Kenneth consulted Arvid Laurin for his opinion and ideas, one of which was re-designed the under water part by Laurin.
Consequently the design can be called a 50/50 Bach/Laurin and the correct name would have been a "LauBach 26"...


Kenneth Back produced the plugs and a total of 17 boats were produced in Landskrona (SE)
The hull and deck are build in single laminate, whereas the coach roof, cockpit seats and cockpit floor are build in sandwich with Divinysell as Sandwich Core

Romours have it that the plug was moved to another site and 4 more boats were produced, but this has never been confirmed.



7,95 m


7,30 m


2,50 m


1,50 m


3000 kg

Keel (Lead)

1300 kg

Sail Area

   27 m2

 Production Data

Total Number



1979 - 81




The story of Build No. 12 - "Ronin"

By the certificate onboard it is established, that the hull "Ronin" was completed on 13 March 1979 as No. 12.
It is assumed, that the first owner might have been Mr. Bengt Olsson. As he was not able to complete her, she was sold to Donald Booker in 1981. Donald was a Scotsman, working in Sweden. He started the work of the interior, which took him about 3 years to complete and in 1984 he was ready to sail her on the planned trip around the world.

It is being said, that Donald sailed "Ronin" in the Baltic and Mediterranean before crossing the Atlantic.

In the English Channel it seems, that he came into some kind of problems and was rescued by the Coast Guard.

He had diabetes and became rather ill during his stay in UK. Upon recovery, Donald sailed "Ronin" across the Atlantic to South Florida, This was used as the base for him and his wife – Carolyn – to cruise the Southern United States. It is known, that they sailed to Texas, as it was told, that the boat had been robbed while stored at a local marina.
Out of the sailing season, "Ronin" was stored on dry ground in a boat yard in Florida. Here she was severely damaged by a hurricane, which filled her with water, ruining the interior completely.

Donald then trucked "Ronin" across US to Seattle, where it was put on a barge to Skagway Alaska and restoration work began. Donald gutted the damaged interior and installed a very basic one. It is assumed, that it was here the engine was replaced by the current Yanmar 9HP 1GM10.
Upon completion "Ronin" was moved to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
Donald died suddenly in 1998 and "Ronin" was sold to Boris Drobrowlsky, also living in Whitehorse.

In 2009 "Ronin" was sold to another local from Whitehorse - Lee Carruthers – who sold her on to the current owner – Neil Wasmund – in Alaska and she will now have her homeport in "Seward", Alaska

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