Laurin 38


Whereas all other glasfiber yachts produced from Arvid Laurin designs have been started for business reasons, the production of the L38 was started by one man, who whished to have a special yacht from Arvid Laurin.

After having had 2 well sailed Laurin Kosters, Lennart Bruunhage asked Arvid Laurin to design a big and "fast koster" Beyond being fast, it should be spacious and ideal for Blue Water sailing.

The result was the L38 - with work title "Atlantic". She was, however not a "real Koster", as the line from the stern to the keel was concave and not straight or convex as dictated by the Koster Rule

By Arvid Laurin's recommendation, Miguel Solér was chosen to build the boat. Miguel had been the driving force behind starting the building of the Laurin 31, which then had been in production for about 3 years. As for the L31 Miguel and Nils-G Lundborg build the plugs for it.

They were assisted by Leif Alm who built the cockpit and the cabin plugs. Leif had his plans set on a blue water sailing and ended up building the second L38 for himself.

Arvid Laurin designed the L38 with a centreboard, but Lennart later experienced a lot of disturbance from this and filled it eventual up with lead. The centreboard design was dropped from boat no. 3 and onwards.



11,60 m




3,15 m


1,7 m


11 Ton

Keel (Iron)

4,7 Ton

Sail Area


 Production Data

Total No.



1972 - 98


Ekholmsnäs, Lidingö (2) Riala-Sättra, Allemora (10)


The first 10 boats were produced in the period from 1972 to 1985. In 1998, the initiatives was taken to build another two. The plugs still remain with Miguil allowing for more boats to be build

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