History: L32 MK1 - H7-S 34 - "Janna" was bought by Tore Hallén, Hyssingvik in Sweden. After 40 years of ownership, she was sold on.

The new owner decided to start an "improvement project", which entailed removing all of the interior... As seen many times before, the huge task of rebuilding a 32 feet Yacht can be overwhelming. The Project did hardly move forward, so after 6 years, the boat was up for sale via the Internet.

In 2010 a young lad - Tobias Richter - picked up the gauntlet. Working in the legendary "Rosättra Varv", he had already obtained the skills to carry out the work ahead.

Not tainted by the "traditional interior methods" from his boats early days, he used the opportunity of having an "empty hull" to think "Out of the Box".

From the pictures below, you can see the work as per from August 2012.

Upon completion, he plans to live onboard and has his eyes set on Blue Water sailing some years ahead.

The pictures were taken during the Webmaster's visit to Rosättra Varv on 17 August 2012 and hopefully Tobias will send new pictures to show his progress...