Wooden Kosters


The wooden Laurin Kosters were build during a period of over 45 years. It is questioned whether the exact production number of these Kosters will ever be known. This Page will try to gather information about as many as possible, which is espected to take a VERY long time...

Success can only be achieved if current and former owners come forward with their detailed knowledge...

Below you will find the about 95 Wooden Kosters, currently registered. These are split in 4 groups after Construction Displacement::

1) Below 3.2 ton
2) 3.2 ton,
which is the most common type of them all and 45 boats are currently in the register, of which above 60% have been build in the most productive Shipyard for Laurin Koster of them all - Rosättra Varvet. The first one was "Alhena", build for Bernhard Fischer in 1953. This was followed by the SxK Lottery Boat, which was later known as "Lileca" when Lennart Brunnhage bought her from the winner. Although, these boats were build almost towards the same drawing, their looks and dimensions differ.
3) 4.5 ton
4) Larger than 4.5 ton.


Fig.: Production Split of ALL wooden Laurin Kosters.

 This split is calculated on the current knowledge of boats (95) as per January 2013.
The section of "Various" includes Yards, which have produced 2 Laurins or less, as well of boats, where the building Yard is not known...

Kosters  Below 3,2 t   - Boat and Owner details

28 Ft. (3,2 t) Koster  - Boat and Owner details 

Rosättra (35)


Thore Larsson & Others: (17)

JAN 2017

4,5 t Koster  - Boat and Owner details

June 2014

Kosters  above 4,5 t   - Boat and Owner details

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