Laurins for Sale

Laurins for sale on the Internet

Laurin 28

Sleipner (NO)-1982-NOK 120.000-Owner
Pescivendola (FR)-1974-
NEW price: EUR 5.900-

Laurin 31

Annarella (SE) - Ketch 1976 - SEK 160.000,- -> Netview

Laurin 32

MK 1:
(SE) - SEK 220.000- Owner
Niörd (GE) - 1966 - EUR 25.000,-
Stella Marina (SE) - 1968 - SEK 235.000 or EUR 25.000 -
Caprice (SE) - 1968 - SEK 180.000 -
Spirit (SE) - 1964 - SEK 200.000 -
MK 2:
Baba Yaga (NO) - NOK 170.000-Netview
Emma (GE) - EUR 39.000-
NEW PRICE -Netview
Mark 3:
Orca (CR)-EUR 50.000-phone: +385 98 9366 096
WIlliam Lamm (SE)-SEK 120.000 -

Wooden Laurin Kosters

Stella Polaris (NO)-28 Ft.-1962-NOK 130.000-Netview

"Broken links" and removed from the per 29.09.2014

Argo (SE)-SEK 225.000-Netview
Maya (SE)-SEK 175.000--
Laura (SE)-1975-SEK 98.000-
 Isa-Lei (NO)-32 Ft.-1967-SEK 95.000-

Dublon (SE)-1968-SEK 195.000-Netview

Advertising on this Site:

Link Based

The site will link to adverts already existing on the Internet. These adverts will remain until the link to the Internet is "broken". Then the link will be changed to Owner's e-mail address until information about the new owner has been received.
This is free to Laurin owners and the only conditions are that you inform of:
LINK CHANGES: Any change of the original LINK to your Internet advert, caused  by changes/renews
2) PRICE CHANGES: Any adjustments you make to the original prise
3) OWNER CHANGES: After the sale you give Contact information of the new owner (minimum; name, phone no.,
e-mail address and new Homeport)

Fee Based

is used, where owners wish to design their own advert directly on the Laurin Site. This advert will remain until the boat is being reported as sold by the owner.
Current price is 75 EUR, which goes to recover some of the cost of running the Laurin Home Site...

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