How long can you stay at the AIRE Ancient Baths?


  1. How long can you stay at the AIRE Ancient Baths?
  2. What do you wear at AIRE Ancient Baths?
  3. What is the history of the Aire baths?
  4. Do you wear a bathing suit at Aire?
  5. Can you stay overnight at Bath spa?
  6. Can you just turn up at the Roman Baths?
  7. Do you wear a bathing suit during a massage?
  8. What do you wear under a robe at a spa?
  9. Did John Wick film at Aire Ancient Baths?
  10. What happens at aire?
  11. What do you wear to a thermal bath?
  12. What is the best time of day to visit Thermae Bath Spa?
  13. Can you swim in the Roman Baths Bath?
  14. Why not to swim in the Roman baths?
  15. How much does it cost to go in the Roman Baths in bath?

How long can you stay at the AIRE Ancient Baths?

AIRE Ancient Baths is a unique relaxation space where your body and mind will release the stress of everyday life. The experience we offer you will allow you to feel a set of sensations with yourself or shared with whoever you want.

The AIRE Experience includes our thermal tour in a unique environment where you can move freely. You will enjoy a journey of sensations as you walk through our baths at different temperatures, strolling through a unique architectural space in the city. Let yourself be guided by candlelight and the scent of orange blossom and complete your experience with a massage or ritual to achieve a state of total relaxation of body and mind.

If you are delayed in arriving, you will be able to access the bath area, however your total experience may be shortened. If you have a massage or ritual included, it can be shortened depending on availability. Once you arrive everything will be more clear and our staff will inform and guide you.

If you would prefer to have a female or male massage therapist or someone in specific, please let us know in advance so we can also make a note on your booking. Please note that we are unable to guarantee any request on that matter however, we will always endeavor to fulfil requests where possible.

Let our therapist know if you would like more or less pressure during your massage but please note that the pressure ranges will be determined by your chosen experience.

Although all our Experiences can be booked for two, we can only guarantee that the massage will be performed in the same room when you choose a Couples designed Experience. Likewise let us know your requirement in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

The massages included in the experiences are usually performed during the second half of your session. We usually have clients enjoy the bathing experience first and then head to the massage room. The staff who will greet you upon your arrival in the bathing area will be able to specify it better depending on the duration of your massage and the time of the session.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee this, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What do you wear at AIRE Ancient Baths?

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Inspired by the original Ancient Baths in Sevilla, Spain, where peace, tranquility, and relaxation are held in high regard, AIRE Ancient Baths brings a slice of this incredible experience to the hustle and bustle of Chicago, creating a unique, restful space in the heart of one of America’s largest cities. Be completely transported to an intimate, candlelit space where time does not exist, and soak your cares away as you breeze from bath to bath, each with a different temperature, restorative property, and atmosphere.

What is the history of the Aire baths?

TLBA was retained by Wayfit S.L. to design six spas as part of the conversion of an existing landmark building, located in the TriBeCa Neighborhood of Manhattan, to an urban spa facility.

TLBA collaborated with Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados of Barcelona to design four hot water spas including a salt spa and jet spa, and two cold water spas into the historic fabric of the building.  The spas are part of a Wellness Center which provides services to the TriBeCa neighborhood as well as the Greater New York Area.

Do you wear a bathing suit at Aire?

Hi! I would like to book an appointment but did not bring a bathing suit, it looks in the pictures that people wear bathing suit in the pools? if this is the case does anyone know if they sell them at the spa? Thanks!

Can you stay overnight at Bath spa?

Please note that the Thermae Bath Spa's Reservations Team is currently dealing with an extremely large number of booking enquiries, so there may be a delay in the venue responding via phone and email. 

Thermae Bath Spa provides the opportunity to bathe in Bath's naturally warm, mineral-rich waters as the Celts and Romans did over 2,000 years ago. 

Thermae is a remarkable combination of ‘old and new’ where historic spa buildings blend with the contemporary design of the New Royal Bath. Enjoy a two-hour spa session which includes full access to the 35.5˚ centigrade waters and flowing curves of the Minerva Bath, a multi-sensory Wellness Suite, and the open-air Rooftop Pool with spectacular views across the skyline of Bath.

Can you just turn up at the Roman Baths?

It is believed that there has been human activity around the hot springs of the Mendip hills since 8,000 years BC! 

The first recorded history took place when the city of Bath was founded in 863BC by Prince Bladud who was healed by the waters when he contracted leprosy. 

The Romans then came to Britain in AD43 and settled here. They called this area Aquae Sulis.

When the Romans left Britain, they abandoned this sacred temple but it still continued to be modified and used over the centuries.

By 1590, Elizabeth I made a Royal Charter that the city of Bath and the ‘thermal waters should be accessible to the public in perpetuity’. In the 16th and 17th centuries, royalty were using the baths like Anne of Denmark.

Kings, Queens, and nobility were almost like our modern-day celebrities and this made the people of England want to visit Bath too!

YES! Although it’s not the cheapest attraction, I would say that the Roman baths are definitely worth the price.

It’s a fantastic museum with over 2,000 years of history to uncover. We do have many Roman attractions in England but none are this immersive, atmospheric and well preserved.

You can admire the Great Bath, Sacred Spring, and Roman Temple. You can explore their huge museum, see uncovered artifacts, and even ‘take the waters’ by sipping some for yourself (don’t worry it’s treated).

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the Roman baths by torchlight. But, what is there to do once the sun goes down?

Here are all the magical things to do at the Roman baths at night on their torchlit summer evenings!

Do you wear a bathing suit during a massage?

It's hard to feel completely liberated from work and family stresses if you're facing a set of new ones, like whether you're overdressed for your massage or undertipping an aesthetician. Sidestep these little land mines so that nothing sabotages your spa experience.

What do you wear under a robe at a spa?

Not a lot — but if you're staying, you may need something smart to wear for dinner, as well as your bathing suit.

Daytimes are easy; you will spend most of the day in a robe and swimming costume or bikini. Add some gym clothes and shoes for exercise sessions, plus a warm fleece and a pair of loose trousers for walking outdoors.

Did John Wick film at Aire Ancient Baths?

The film was primarily shot in the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas of New York, Rome, and Montreal, with great filming locations. Wick’s former partner plots to take control of an obscure international assassins’ guild, forcing him back into action once more.

The film “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” was shot earlier this year in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Berlin, Montmartre, Studio Babelsberg, and Wadi Rum will be among the locations where the latest installment of the action franchise will be shot. The locations serve as a stunning contrast to the violence and bloodshed in the film, as well as an important cinematic distinction. With each new film in the franchise, it becomes more clear that John Wick is a film that crosses borders and genres. With its extensive European and Asian shooting locations, “John Wick: Chapter 4” will continue to set the trend for moviegoers around the world.

What happens at aire?

AIRE Ancient Baths. Something very special is happening in the London wellness world and I’m reluctant to reveal it. Despite wanting this place all to myself forever, everyone deserves to experience the beauty and tranquillity of AIRE Ancient Baths.

Discreetly hidden away in Covent Garden this stunning spa describes itself as ‘a temple of relaxation inspired by the tradition of baths from ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilisations’ and from the moment I step inside I am instantly transported to another place and time. AIRE Ancient Baths pride themselves on traditional techniques and historic settings with well established outposts already in in New York, Chicago, Copenhagen and several across Spain. Following this vein therefore it comes as no surprise that their London branch is set within an impressive 18th century building where Scottish novelist and playwright, J.M Barrie lived and wrote Peter Pan (a precious first edition is kept in the Lobby).

What do you wear to a thermal bath?

As Szechenyi Baths is a mixed thermal spa complex, visitors are expected to cover the most important essentials at all times, regardless of gender identification. All the pools, all the baths, all the saunas, etc. are completely co-educational at Szechenyi Baths on every day (from Monday to Sunday, during the opening hours). There are no exceptions.

The dress code is pretty simple about nudity: you cannot be naked at the public areas of Szechenyi Baths and Pool. The only place where you are allowed to wear nothing is the showers, the gender separated changing rooms at the lockers, the cabins (private changing rooms). In contrast, on the corridors, outside, in the pools, in the saunas and steam rooms, visitors are required to wear acceptable swim wear (please see the pictogram for visual guidance). Please also note that bath flip flops /slippers are required to be worn in the whole area of the bath. If you do not have your own, you can buy a pair in the entrance hall shop.

What is the best time of day to visit Thermae Bath Spa?

Taking the waters at Bath.  That was the answer to the question of how to combine culture and relaxation for a Girls mini break.  Not at the famous Roman Baths that gave Bath its name, you are not even allowed to touch the water there, but next door was where we headed for a Thermae Bath Spa Day.

First things first, you do not need to book when you visit the Thermae Spa.  If all you want to do is float around in the natural spring water and bask in the steam rooms then bookings are not even taken.  You simply walk in and pay the entrance fee.  If you want treatment, like a massage or facial, then you will need to book ahead. When we visited, I had a massage and my friend didn’t and we both had a great time.  When you arrive you queue, buy your ticket and put on the wristband that they give you, this is your locker key …. do not lose it.  Then its into the changing room, deposit your outdoor clothes in a locker using your wristband.  Make sure you leave your phone behind, cameras and phones are not allowed in the spa.

Can you swim in the Roman Baths Bath?

The World Heritage City of Bath is famous for its hot springs. 250,000 litres of warm, mineral-rich water come to the surface every day through Bath’s three main hot springs. Officially, the city was founded by the Romans but there’s another legend of how the hot springs were discovered which is a little less glamorous.

According to Bath legend, Prince Bladud, who was King Lear’s father, was the first person to bathe in Bath’s waters, but his herd of pigs got there first. Bladud had been banished from the kingdom due to his incurable leprosy, which he had passed to his pigs.

While wandering around the area that would become Bath, Bladud found a steaming patch of mud where a hot spring came to the surface. His pigs jumped straight in, and miraculously, their leprosy was cured by the warm, mineral-rich mud. Bladud tried the mud on his own skin, and he was cured as well. He was able to return to his kingdom and founded the city of Bath on the muddy patch of ground where his fortunes changed.

The Romans built the city of Aquae Sulis around the springs, with a large bathing, recreation and temple complex at the heart of the settlement. The Roman Baths were rediscovered in 1878 and today are one of the top things to do in Bath.

You can’t go in the water at the Roman Baths, but there are three places where visitors to the city can bathe in Bath’s hot springs:

  • Thermae Bath Spa, which is the most popular place to experience Bath’s hot springs. Thermae has two large pools with thermal water, including the iconic rooftop pool, plus a large swimming pool in the basement. There’s also a wellness suite with steam rooms, a sauna and other relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. Read on for more about what it’s like to visit Thermae Bath Spa.
  • The historic Cross Bath, which is now part of Thermae and can be rented for 1.5 hour sessions or for private functions.
  • The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel, which has a luxurious thermal spa for hotel guests.

You can also “take the waters” in Bath by drinking the thermal water at either the Roman Baths or the Pump Room.

Why not to swim in the Roman baths?

A YouTuber has been branded “irresponsible” after becoming the latest person to swim in the Roman Baths.

Louis Taylor live-streamed his dip at the historic attraction in Bath on Monday (July 29) afternoon on his channel, which has a modest 672 subscribers.

How much does it cost to go in the Roman Baths in bath?

Constructed in around 70AD as a grand bathing and socialising complex, the Roman Baths is one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world, where 1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water, reaching 46°C, still fills the bathing site every single day. 

The Roman Baths is the site of extensive ruins and an interactive museum filled with many treasures and visual snippets that transport you back to Roman times and the lives of the Aquae Sulis people. Walk on ancient pavements as the Romans did 2,000 years ago, and explore chambers historically housing changing rooms and tepid plunge pools. 

Be sure to pick up an audioguide and listen to fascinating commentary as you slowly make your way around the site, available in 12 languages and with special guides for...Read More